The three pillars manifestation law of attraction


Jul 01

Manifestation is founded on three distinct pillars that go far beyond just thinking a thought.

Each of the three components must be present for the other two to work. without one the stool becomes lopsided and you fall over, failing to accomplish your objectives.

1. Being

This is about being the person that you are striving to be. Learning to inhabit the beliefs and choices of a person who deserves happiness, who can achieve their goals, and who is committed to realizing their objectives.

Before you can do something, you must have the right mindset that will get you the results you want.

You must have the right mindset that will get you the results you want.

you must embody the values, beliefs, and thoughts that are needed to realize the dream.

2. Doing

Everything you want in life requires something from you. It may require learning, action, a change in circumstances, new choices or habits, or a change in your outlook.

So, if you need to adjust your mindset, you must be willing to put in the work to do that or to learn some new skills, then you put in the effort.

Doing does not just happen because you want it; it occurs when you make the conscious choice to behave, to move, to change, to learn. I require effort.

3. Having

Having is not the ultimate result you seek to achieve. When you have invested in the Being and Doing. Having what you want should become a steppingstone to a new goal, the manifestation of something new in your life.

Having means that you have realized something important to you and that your journey is ready to continue in a new direction.

It is time to circle back around to Being, to achieve your new dream, and begin the work of Doing to attain it.


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