February 13


How to Retrain Your Brain to Improve Self-Worth

By Josette Pajotte

February 13, 2021

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We are creatures of habit. it's tough to change our mind once it is set up to thinking a certain way…  It takes a lot of work to retrain your brain, especially when you are working on improving yourself on any level.

In this article, I will be sharing five tips that will help you retrain your brain in order to improve your self-worth.

how to train your brain to improve self-worth

Figure Out Where Things Aren't Working

Why are you feeling insecure? This can be a critical question to answer as it gives you clues into places where you're not feeling validated or good about yourself.

A little investigation can use these points as markers to indicate areas where you might need work.

Stop playing The Comparisons game

There’s a major problem with playing the comparison game because  we tend to compare our weakest strenght with somebody else's strongest strength.

It's like getting mad for not being a marathon runner when you've never run a day in your life. If something isn't your strength… it isn't your strength. You will not become an expert overnight.

You're more likely to spend years trying to change the situation and put yourself on a level with somebody else. Seriously, now you're just wasting time, which you could be better off using elsewhere.

Put Worry to Rest

We love it when other people have a high opinion of us. This becomes a problem when their opinion becomes higher than our own.

If you're spending more time concerned about what someone else is thinking, you're cutting yourself short.

Instead, focus on checking in every once in a while with those around you to see where you stand.

Then spend the rest of your time paying attention to doing the things which create more value and self-worth in your own life.

Understand No One is Watching

Sometimes we become self-conscious because we think everyone around us is watching us.

We can even begin to think every move is under judgment. The truth is, very few people are paying attention. And for those who are, do they matter?

The only one who should be watching you is you. What you think of your actions is what counts.   

Put in the Work

In the end, nothing is going to change unless you're the one to change it. Worrying about your self-worth gets you nowhere. It's up to you to put in the effort.

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