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How CBD Oil May Help Treat Alzheimer’s and Heart Problems

By Josette Pajotte

December 6, 2020

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There is ample evidence that supports CBD oil’s effectiveness in treating pain, inflammation, and in managing symptoms of chronic illness.

With the increasing popularity of CBD oil, it has ultimately gained a powerful reputation in the field of natural medicine and for treating many health issues.

CBD oil is one of the most widely researched wellness treatments on the Internet, especially as it has been touted to treat many ‘untreatable’ problems.

Here is a summary of some of the research regarding the effects of CBD oil when used as a treatment for two of the most common and life-threatening health problems today. They are Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

How CBD Oil May Help Treat Alzheimer’s and Heart Problems

CBD Oil As Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease

The most common type of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, currently affects millions of people around the world.

Being an extreme form of dementia, it negatively affects a person’s life in the worst way possible, including a gradual loss of memory and cognition incapacity, which ultimately affects the person’s behavior, making them incapable of living a normal life. 

There is no known cure for Alzheimer’s which is a progressive form of illness that an affected individual carries until death.

The average life span of people with this type of dementia can range from 4-8 years.

At best, it can go as much as 2 decades, but that’s not usually the case for most. From the time of diagnosis and the years of pain from this disease, most people suffering from Alzheimer’s rely mostly on treatments for managing their symptoms to continue to carry on with life as best they can.

One of the major parts of the body that Alzheimer’s disease affects is the hippocampus.

From recent research, it was found that the Cannabidiol chemical compound, which makes up CBD oil can effectively mitigate and help manage problems in the nervous system, including Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia and conditions relating to the nervous system.

This may include dementia with Lewy bodies, vascular dementia, Huntington’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease, among others.

CBD oil possesses an amazing ability to protect neurons from further damage.

It is also known to minimize the oxidative stress of dementia patients, and effectively slows down the progression of this dreadful illness.

CBD and Heart Health

With the ability of CBD oil to minimize oxidative stress and in helping fight inflammation in the body, more researchers believe that it could possibly reduce the risk factors that ultimately lead to the development of heart problems such as high blood pressure and even stroke.

As stress is one of the leading causes of heart health problems, a study in 2017 involving healthy individuals who were subjected to a stressful situation, proved firstly that stress ultimately caused high blood pressure.

Once those affected were given CBD, their blood pressure decreased as opposed to the subjects who were given a placebo.

The results support a similar study conducted on rats years before (in 2009) in which the animal subjects exhibited a very similar increase in blood pressure and heart rate upon being exposed to stress.

Likewise, the animal subjects were given a dose of CBD that caused both their heart rate and blood pressure to decrease.

More recent studies on CBD are leading researchers to believe that it has the potential to protect stroke patients from brain damage and significantly boost brain function to help with their recovery.

CBD’s capability to minimize oxidative stress ultimately makes it a powerful antidote against pain and inflammation.

High levels of stress produce more inflammation in the body, but as CBD counters that effectively, stress is reduced, and cellular death and fibrosis are consequently reduced.

Overactive inflammation in the body can ultimately lead to the development of several heart health problems.

With CBD actively countering inflammation, it is likely that the progression of related heart problems can be minimized.

Further research also records evidence that high doses of CBD may benefit and help with arrhythmia amongst patients with heart problems. Arrhythmia is often an indicator of the onset of heart disease if not the progression of it.

CBD oil is proving to be a helpful natural alternative in treating both physical and mental health conditions.

Having traditional and alternative treatment options for these types of diseases will certainly provide hope to those in need.

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