January 12


Discover Your True Self with these 4 Journal Prompts

By Josette Pajotte

January 12, 2021

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Keeping a journal is one of the most powerful tools that can help you deal with daily issues, releasing your difficulties and connecting with your inner self.

Journaling gives you a quiet space that allows you to discover your voice in a crazy world. 

It’s easy to feel challenged by social media or by all the negative self talk.

 Journaling helps you crush the naysers while you focus on what’s more important. YOU.

In this article I share 4 pratical tips to get started.

journaling prompt

  1. So you might be asking what you should about?

Sitting with a blank page in front of you… may feel overwhelmed because you don’t know what to write.  The beautiful thing about journaling. You get to start writing by jotting down whatever is on your mind. You just need to commit to write. Think about what you feel and start writing. Remember journaling is about writing down your day or whatever is on your mind.

2. Ask yourself what is in your life you’re happy about.

Journaling about the awesome things in your life right now, will help reorganize your attention on the positive around you.

 Most of want to focus on the things that we are not happy about. Focusing on the things that are not going right causes more of the things you don’t like to happen.

 Focus on the good things and write it down. Such as when was the last you smiled. Write down happy memories. Read the list when unhappy thoughts come to mind.

3. Time to write down your good qualities

Most of us want to focus on the things we’re not happy with ourselves.

Remember no one is perfect. Stop  focusing on you think might be your flaws.

Write down ten things that are awesome about you.

What makes you special? Are you compassionate?  What does people always come to you for? Read this list as often as you need to remind yourself, how beautiful and special you are.

4. Talk with your older self.

Imagine yourself as an experienced older person.

Someone who has seen good times and bad. You have survived so much in yourlife lifetime.

Project into the future and ask the future-you for advice on how to live your best life. What should you concentrate on? What should you avoid? Remember there is no right or wrong answer.


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