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Massaged Kale with Fennel

Massaged Kale with Fennel   This salad is delightfully nourishing and gives you all the benefits of kale…. without the digestive distress. When you massage kale you break down some of the tough fibers in the cell wall that make raw kale hard to digest. When I started eating healthy I couldn’t digest kale very […]

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3 Ways to Relieve Constipation

Constipation is the pits, and it happens to everyone at some point. When you transition from a typical diet into a clean eating gut rejuvenating type diet, you might experience constipation. It’s fairly common because all of a sudden your body is getting food it’s not used to.   When constipation strikes try these natural […]

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What’s the Deal with Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are basically food for probiotics. They make sure that the healthy bacteria in your gut are well-fed and taken care of. Many health coaches and nutritionists recommend supplementing with prebiotics for optimal gut flora. Before you do that it’s helpful to know what it really is and how you can get plentiful amounts of […]

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Ginger Garlic Saute

I love making a big batch of this as a side or an addition to my salads during the week… The combination of ginger and garlic simply can’t be beat and adds a punch to any meal…. Loaded with healthy hormone balancing purple cabbage, carrots and sesame, this makes for a great side along a […]

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Raw Cacao Milkshake

I’m going to tell you something that no one else will… You deserve a milkshake. You deserve a milkshake that isn’t going to send you onto a blood sugar roller coaster and mess with your healthy flora… You deserve this milkshake. A perfect treat on a hot day when you want a nourishing clean energy boost. […]

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Curried Butternut Squash and Apple Soup

This is one of my favorite soups. I could eat it every day, it’s so tasty and nutritious. A good soup does wonders for the body and soul. Soups offer a certain comfort that other foods lack. They’re also a vehicle for nutrient dense ingredients.   Butternut squash is an excellent source of vitamin A […]

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