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Jul 31



5 TIPS TO MANIFEST YOUR DESIRES Manifestation is the act of bringing your deepest desires into being in your life. Align yourself and your desires with what the universe has in store for you! 1. RELEASE YOUR DESIRE TO THE UNIVERSE. Once your heart has shown you your deepest desire, and your mind is focused […]

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Aug 12

Tips for Removing Negativity from Your Life

Digestive Health

You should not let negativity drain you… Most people try to avoid negative people as much as possible and will reduce their contact with them to an absolute minimum. But it can also be a downward spiral. So what would do if you’re suffering from an excess of negativity that’s maybe even leading you into […]

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Jul 03

8 Foods you should eat for Energy


You need loads of energy to get through your day. When you feel like slacking or low on energy, you most likely need to get some nutrient-dense foods in your system. Here are 8 foods that will give you a quick boost of lasting energy without the crash. Oatmeal: Oatmeal is one of the easiest […]

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Jun 27

Foods to Balance Blood Sugar

Digestive Health

Balanced blood sugar levels are crucial to a healthy and prosperous life. Balanced blood sugar levels prevent disruption of your body’s functions and help your overall health. Here are a few foods to add to your diet to help balance your blood sugar: Greens: You can never eat too many greens. For the best blood […]

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