January 24


Beliefs That Keeps You from Attacking Your Goals

By Josette Pajotte

January 24, 2021

We all have dreams, however not everyone is able to make their dreams a reality. What are your motives for not making your dreams come true.

Just remember the reason you tell yourself for not working on your dreams is most likely not true.

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  1. Not Enough Time

When someone asks you how you are doing. You probably answer with “Busy.” However that may not be the fact. Let’s face we all have the same twenty-four hours in a day. What I would like to do is for the next two weeks.  

Keep track of your day by jotting down what spend your day doing.  This includes preparing, cleaning your house, sleeping, and eating meals, getting ready for work, social media. Analalyze how your time is spent. Did you notice how much more time you realy have?

2. I Don’t Have Any Talent

Remember there are plenty of resources out there that will teach you or help you master whatever you want to learn. So it truly doesn’t matter what your goals are; you can master it to make your goals a reality.

  You can find all the resources that you need to write that book you’ve always wanted to write. All you ought to do is put the work in to master that subject.

3 After ‘X’ I Will Do It

Why are you waiting?  Why does something else has to happen before follow your dreams.

Why do you have to wait until the kids get older. Perhaps it might be a good idea to make it family project involve the kids. You might be surprise of how much the kids might love working on the project with you.

Go for your goal now! Stop playing the waiting game.

4. I’m Not Good Enough

How are you able to measure whether you’re good enough or not?

Your dreams will not be your dreams if subconscious did not think you had what it takes to make work. YOU are more than enough to make it a reality. Remove the naysayers if you need to.

Find books and courses to teach you how to love yourself and make your dream a reality

5 Someone else is better at this than me.

The grass always seems greener on the other side. Just remember the person that makes things look easy was you a few years ago. They took time to master their craft. Now it’s your to learn how to master your craft in order to make your goals a reality

Self-limiting beliefs can be a greasy slope. That can also keep you from even attempting to accomplish your goals. Take time to analyze your reasoning and come up with better beliefs to counter the negative ones.

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