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5 Key Reasons To Be Emotionally Healthy

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Aug 02

When you are emotionally healthy, you are aware of your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, and you have learned ways to cope with the problems and stress of daily life.

Beyond just being in control of your emotions, though, and understanding how you feel, being emotionally healthy can benefit your life in many other ways.

Let’s take a look at our top five reasons you should strive to be more emotionally healthy.

1.Improve Your Overall Health

Life is full of things that can disrupt your emotional health, leading to stress, anxiety, sadness, and many other negative emotions.

Even when good things happen, there can still be stress. Your body responds to these emotions, especially stress.

When you are under stress, your body releases hormones that have a direct impact on your overall health. And being upset can lead to physiological changes, including raising your blood pressure, creating digestive problems, and affecting your appetite.

When you can recognize, understand, and control your emotions better, you are able to stay healthier.

Your heart will be under less strain, your blood pressure and blood glucose levels will be better regulated, your digestive system will work properly, and you will be able to get more quality sleep, which is key to being healthy.

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2. Get Your Emotions Under Control

When you are emotionally healthy, you know how to deal with emotions in productive and helpful ways.

Bottling up your stress and anxiety is not a healthy option, and you will end up feeling worse when you don’t know how to handle your emotions in a healthy way.

Those who are emotionally healthy understand the importance of talking about their feelings with others, including a professional when it becomes necessary.

Emotional health means you have a whole toolkit to help you handle your emotions, release them in a healthy manner, and learn new strategies when necessary for managing life’s complications.

3. Live a More Balanced Life

When you have robust emotional health, you remember to focus on those things in your life for which you are grateful. It means you generally focus on the positive and know how to place the negative in perspective.

You can balance the need to succeed at work with your desire to have a happy, healthy home life, as well. And you know how it important it is to deal with negative feelings, rather than just ignoring them.

Being emotionally healthy includes recognizing when you need to make changes in your life that will make you happier, and a willingness to let go of some priorities that are not making you happy.

4. Become More Resilient

Emotional health also helps you build resilience, which makes you better able to cope with the challenges you will experience in life.

Reliance is your ability to bounce back after a setback, to see alternatives and accept new directions.

When you are emotionally healthy, you are more likely to accept change, to keep a positive outlook in times of turmoil, and to seek out the social support you may need to see you through trying times.

5. Take Care of Your Mind and Body

When you have strong emotional health, you recognize the needs your body has and attend to those as needed.

The mind-body connection is strong, and when you feel bad emotionally, you also feel bad physically.

The same is true the other way around. When you don’t take care of your body, it can cause you to feel bad emotionally.

Those with strong emotional health use relaxation techniques exercise regularly, eat healthy food, and spend time doing things they enjoy because they see how taking care of their body helps them better take care of their mind and soul.

Good emotional health is just as much about caring for the physical body as it is the emotional spirit.

When seeking emotional health, it is important to remember these key reasons to strive for this goal.

While being emotionally healthy will help you understand and control your emotions better, it also can improve your relationships, help you have a stronger body, and can help you develop personal skills like resilience.

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